Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back at it

It has been a while since I have really kept up with this blog (well, have I ever really kept up with it?).  But now that I am back from the honeymoon and have the wedding done I have just a little bit more freetime on my hands!  So now, I can actually get some stuff out to ya'll in the next few weeks! 

A couple of other notes:

My Hooker Counter had been up for only about 2 weeks when the fine city of Prichard decided to round them all up.  So the counter has been stuck at 7 for while, but there were 2 back out today!  Hopefully there will be more fun to come.

 My weight had been doing good.  Albert was dwindling, but during the honeymoon, I managed to gain 11 pounds in 11 days (don't act like you're not impressed).  So now it is really time to get serious about this whole weight thing.  Only 48 more days until the Miami Man half!

Ok, bedtime!