Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to swim faster in open water

As triathletes, we are all looking for ways to decrease are race times.  The swim is a section that many triathletes spend far too little time on.  Well, I have devised a system to improve your swim times without putting in any additional practice.  I practiced this method just this past Friday.

1.  Find an open body of water to swim in.
2.  Make sure that the water is murky and has low visibility.
3.  While swimming, accidentally kick a fish.
*This next step is the key!
4.  Let your mind wander.  Begin to think about all of the things that fish might have actually been, such as an alligator, a large sting ray, an even larger sting ray (!), an alligator big enough to eat that sting ray... and you at the same time, a bull shark that wandered into the bay, a Russian spy diver,  a dead pirate that was forced to walk the plank (in 4 feet of water no less), a baracuda, wait... baracudas swim in packs! It was probably 1 of 1000 baracudas! 
 5.  You will automatically begin to swim faster.

Well, that's your tri tip for the day! Enjoy!