Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How about a contest?

Everybody likes free stuff, right?  Well, how about this:  the person that comes the closest to guessing my finishing time at Ironman Texas on Saturday, wins an Ironman Texas t-shirt!

Just post your guess at my finishing time as a comment along with your t-shirt size.  Closest guess wins!

Contest ends when I hit the water on Saturday.

Hint: read my previous post for goal times and check out other race results here:


  1. I think you can reach your original goal and I saw you in Augusta so I guess 10:57:01. As long as you stay hydrated and injury free, you'll do it. Can I even win this contest?

  2. Well if you put your Bamer on tomorrow morning
    I think you can get it in 11:23:07

  3. Just thought you should know I'm a medium.