Monday, January 31, 2011

A Chance For a Sponsor

If any of y'all follow me on Twitter (el_slice) or Facebook, you are well aware that I am in a competition right now to get a sponsorship for triathlon.  So for everyone else, here's a quick rundown of what is going on.

A company called TRX Suspension Training is holding a competition right now to give out sponsorships.  To win, you have to make a 30 second video explaining your goal for the year and how TRX will help you achieve that goal.  Then post it on youtube and the videos with the 5 most views at the end of February win!  I decided to do something a little different than a boring ol "my goal is blah blah blah and TRX will help me blah blah blah."  So my brothers, Nolan and Payton, my buddy Josh, and I made a video titled The Adventures of Kona Man.

As of Friday I had made it up to number 3 in the contest!  But apparently these other people have less to do on the weekends then me and all of my friends, so as of this morning I am down to number 7.  But! I am still only 89 views back of 4th place.  So I'm not all that far out of the money. 

You can find my video here:

If you like it (or even if you don't), please keep watching it every day and email and facebook it to everyone!

Also, I think it would help tremendously if I could get someone or some company to post it on their website, so let me know if you have any suggestions for me!


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