Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, I thought it was cool

I played baseball for 20 years, the last 8 or so were at a pretty good level.  But, I never made the front page of a paper.  I never even made the front page of even the sports page.  Don't think I even ever had a picture make the paper.  I had a few mentions here and there about home runs or high RBI games but that was about it. 

Back in December, I had a picture make the paper for the first time.  It was just by chance, it was a photo of the start of the Jingle Bell Run in Daphne, AL that was shoved in the back of the sports section and I just happened to be in the front at the start of the race.  I didn't stay there long though.  It was only a 5k, but I bonked before the race started and only placed 5th in my age group.  But I still got my picture in the paper!

Then, last Friday, I hit it big... Well, big as far as I'm concerned.  I made the front page of the Baldwin Bulletin.  Front and center with headline the above the fold! Yeah, I know it is only a biweekly publication, but I thought it was cool... The article was about my bid to win a sponsorship from TRX (see the last blog) and Ironman Texas.  You can see part of the article online here:

This triathlon stuff is pretty cool!


  1. Awesome video - I hope you win! And your goal to win any race - cool. Go get it, and keep me posted. good stuff.

  2. I searched all over your blog looking for where your comment was! Thanks Charisa! I'll keep you posted and good luck this season!