Friday, February 25, 2011

Team Gear and Training

I had said before that I wanted to become the world's slowest sponsored triathlete.  Well, I now have my first sponsor!  I will be a part of Team Gear and Training for the 2011 race season!  Woo Hoo! (I have snopes checking to see whether or not I am actually the world's slowest sponsored triathlete)

I have to say I am very excited about this opportunity.  With my background in baseball, it is weird to me not being part of a team.  I love the individuality that triathlon provides, but it is always nice having a team behind you for support and encouragement.  This year, I am one of a team of 40 and they are already proving to be an encouraging bunch.  I believe this will be a fun year and I am very thankful for the chance that Gear and Training has provided me with.

But, the cool stuff doesn't just apply to me!  Gear and Training has given me a handy dandy discount code to hand out to everyone.  Use the code "HR31" at checkout and you will receive free shipping and 20% off of any order over $150!  That means, you are going to save a minimum of $40 an order (I'm assuming shipping would normally be around $10)!  So check it out, they have everything from running to cycling to triathlon stuff and even camping and outdoor gear!  Personally, I already have my eye on a kayak....

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