Friday, November 4, 2011

Help a brother out

My little brother, Nolan, graduated from high school this past year.  Instead of taking the traditional route of heading to college to party, he has decided to take some time for mission work.  Immediately after graduating, Nolan moved in with me to work two jobs to earn money for this trip.  He also spent all free time he had writing letters asking for support.  He earned and raised a ton of money, but he is still short.  He is heading to the middle east, to the country of Oman for 3 months and he needs some more help to get there.  This is the letter he sent out the other day.

In only seven weeks I will be headed to the Middle East, God has called me to go into the nations of Oman and the United Arab Emirates. My journey started this March while on a mission trip to Guatemala. From there I knew I would be doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS), a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) program, instead of attending college this year. It’s a six month school containing three months of training followed by three months of outreach, designed to equip young people then send them to the world.
I am currently halfway through my DTS and God has already done miraculous things I never could have imagined, including three healings earlier this week. Among many things I have learned how to hear God’s voice, Do what he has told me, and live in freedom with Christ. When I leave I will put all of this into practice, ministering firsthand to the Muslim people.
Before I can go I need your help. About $5,000 is still left to be raised for my outreach to the Middle East. Within the next six days $1,500 is needed so that flight tickets can be purchased. I ask that you will please partner with me in prayer, and, if you are led, with my remaining finances as well. If you wish to see God’s light shone to the dark places of this world please pray, and if God leads you to, please financially contribute.
How to Contribute
1.       Visit
2.       Insert My Information

If you can give anything, even $5, please help him out.  His information is as follows:

Last name: Robinson
First name: Michael (he goes by his middle name, Nolan)
Students email address:
Students birth date: Februarty 22, 1993
School seminar name: DTS - Fire and Fragrance Bilingual
Starting month and year: September, 2011

Thanks a lot for helping him out!

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