Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yeah, this is going to be embarrassing

Yesterday I applied for a sponsorship that I would LOVE to get.  But, I realize I am not near as fast as most of the people that have submitted their applications. BUT, speed isn't everything!  At one point, the would be sponsor said to send in pictures, videos, whatever we thought would help our case.  Well, I couldn't figure out how to send videos through his website and I didn't want to just tag him to Facebook posts, so I thought "why not write a blog and then everyone can share in the fun (read humiliation [wait til you see me dance in the video...])!"  <.... that's a lot of punctuation right there!

Well, here are some highlights from my, so far, short triathlon career.

We have a short series of pictures from 2010 Heart of Dixie Triathlon.  Here you see me before the race happy and ready to roll!
 Fast forward about an hour to the swim start. Let's do it!
 Coming out of the water I feel great!  Lake swims are awesome!
Next, I hammered through the bike.  Please not the photo has been greatly distorted by the incredible speed that I was traveling at.
Then, I ran it on in! Note the sheer joy on my face, no cramping at all in this race! That is definitely not a look of pain, nope!

This year before Ironman Texas, I decided to let Eneko Llanos borrow all of my mojo.  He won.

I did not.  But I finished my first Ironman!  Here I am running down the finishers chute!

Let's fast forward to September 9th, 2011.  Maybe my favorite day ever?  Here I am right before the start of the Brett Robinson Coastal Tri Sprint Distance.  I was definitely up to something when this picture was taken...

After the race, third overall (!), I had to put on my best Bo Jackson pose with my bike, The Mummy (that thing is older than me!)

Then it was time to head off for the fun stuff! 

Yep, podium in the morning then marry that pretty little thing in the afternoon!  It was a good day! 

Well, the sound isn't working (I'll try to get that fixed) but here you go!

Well, Mr. Potential Sponsor, I've made my pitch, and have been making it for a couple of months.  I hope I fit what you are looking for!  And everyone else, well, someone teach me how to dance...

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